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Here from some of the people that have stayed with us...



Calvary Refuge Staff:


I would like to begin by saying thank you all for the services that you are providing. Our stay at the facility was a very rewarding one, in that, when my daughter and I were at our lowest and it seemed that there was no one anywhere in the greater Atlanta area that could help us in our time of need, Calvary answered the call. Through many nights of tears wondering what would become of us, through constant prayers to God to see us through, through having a support network embedded in the agency, my daughter and I were able to overcome adversity.


I would like for this letter to stand as a testimonial of the success of this program because we had nowhere else to turn. We were out of options.


We met some really good people during our stay who were also beneficial to our growth. It should be also noted that throughout our stay we enjoyed having fellowship with the different volunteers who fed us physically and also spiritually.


Some may think that Calvary Refuge is just a temporary shelter that gives only the bare minimum, but I beg to differ.


Calvary has supplied and equipped my family with safety, warmth, breakfast, lunch, dinner, housing resources, encouragement, and most of all, love.


Calvary understands and has met the need for my family. I can't thank the staff enough because from the encouragement my daughter and I are able to press on.


As of April 1, 2016 we will be moving into our 2 bedroom home. I would like to add that ALL of my utilities have a $0 balance. God is still in control!


To all of the staff at Calvary Refuge, Thank you for everything you've done.





"To all the Ladies at Calvary Refuge - Thank you so much for making this bad situation not seem so bad!  All of your help and all that you do is greatly appreciated"

" My Dad I stayed at Calvary about a year ago.  We applaud your service and all you did - and the church as well - all of the feeding and hospitality.  My dad is no longer alive, but I'm sure if he was, he would say the same thing to the staff and all of the loyal residence."

"I stayed at Calvary Refuge for 20 days.  I’m so grateful and appreciative of the shelter’s lending hand.  It enhances growth of the life of families.  I plan on paying it forward once I get back on my feet. "      

Calvary Refuge has truly been a blessing to my son’s life and me!  The staff welcomed us with open arms and showed us so much love.  I am so appreciative for everything they have done for us.    

"Thank you to everyone for their help. Due to Calvary's help I was able to obtain my own apartment." 

"Calvary Refuge Center served its purpose for me with good food and a good staff." 

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