Calvary Refuge Center
Friday, April 25, 2014

Children's Literature

Ackerman, K.  -  The Leaves in October  
Anderson, M.  -  The Unsinkable Molly Malone
Barbour, K. -  Mr. Bow Tie 
Beckelman, L.  -  The Homeless 
Brown, M.   -  Stone Soup  
Carlson, N.   -  The Family Under the Bridge 
Colman, H.  -  Rich and Famous Like My Mom
da Costa Nunez, R.  -  Cooper's Tale
da Costa Nunez, R.  -  Our Wish  
Ferrel, F.   -  Trevor's Place  
George, J.C.   -  The Missing Gator of Gimbo Limbo Seeing Eye
Gottlieb, D.   -  Willie Hobkin 
Griffin, P. R.  -  The Fastest Friend in the West 
Grove, V.   -  December Stillness 
Hahn, M.D.   -  Come in the Morning
Harris, M. J.   -  Sam and the Moon Queen
Herzig, A.C., &   Mali, J. L. , Holman, F. Howe,  -  Secret City, USA 
J.   Hughes, D.   -  Dew Drop Dead 
Johnson, S.   -  Family Pose
Jones, A.   -  One of the Boys 
Haufman, C., & Kaufman, G.  -  Street Family 
Mazer, H.   -  Hotel Boy 
Myers, W. D.   -  Cave Under the City 
Nelson, T.   -  Mop, Moondance, and the Nagasaki Knights 
Paulsen, G.  -  The Beggar's Ride
Pinkwater, J.   -  The Crossing
Powell, E. S.   -  Tails of the Bronx 
Rosen, M.   -  A Change to Grow
Rylant, C.   -  Home 
Sedak, M.   -  An Angel for Soloman
Spanglar, R.   -  We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy, Mandy’s House 
Spinelli, J.   -  Maniac Magee 
Stevermer, C.   -  River Rats
Thompson, C.  -  The Paper Boy Prince
Tolan, S.   -  Sophie and the Sidewalk Man 
Voight, C.  -  Homecoming  
Williams, R.    -  Our Tree House
Wojciechowski, S.  -  Patty Dillman of Hot Dog Fame