Calvary Refuge Center
Thursday, April 17, 2014

Provide a Meal

Remember to Contact Us before providing a meal.  If you are providing breakfast, remember that the staff will prepare the meal for you.  However, if you are providing lunch or dinner, please note that you will be preparing the meal.  Here are some guidelines for items you may want to provide.  When you call to confirm, you may want to ask what items are already available for use at the Center.   *Remember that you are providing for 30-40 people.  

Breakfast4 gal. milk, 4 gal. juice, 5 doz. eggs, Large Bag Grits, Oatmeal, Pancakes, Syrup, Canned Biscuits, Cheese Slices (we always have bread for cheese toast).  

-  Lunch should consist of 2 sandwiches, chips, cookies, and fruit (when available).  Sandwich varieties suggested are PB&J, meat or ham salad, egg salad, or pimento cheese.  You may also want to include cheese, chips, and snack cakes/cookies.  Also provide sandwich bags.  

Dinner - Meat and vegetables, drinks.   The center will provide salad, dinner rolls, desert, plates, cups, napkins, and flatware  if you wish. Note, however, that if you select salad that you must provide dressing. We have a commercial kitchen and welcome your group to arrive early to prepare the meal. We share the kitchen with the transitional residents. Dinner for the emergency shelter residents is served at 6:45 PM. All clean-up is perfor
med by the residents. Your group should be prepared to leave by around 8:00 PM. Generally at least three people are needed to serve the meal, along with others who will help with food preparation.

Arrival Procedures   When you arrive, go directly to the office and ask for our Executive Director, Tawana Tarno.  As you arrive, you may notice people already eating.  These are the transitional (long term) residents.  For more information on our emergency shelter and transitional shelter program, s
About Us.  The transitional group begins to eat at 5:30, and ends at 6:30.  At 6:35, the serving line will be cleared and your group can begin to take items from the kitchen to the serving line.  A large metal bowl must be filled with ice from the ice machine in the kitchen.  The metal bowl and cups should be placed on the grey cart at the end of the serving line.  Check the warmers in the serving line and turn them on if you would like the food placed there to be heated when served.  Locate serving spoons.  You may also check the kitchen refrigerator for deserts to serve.  Place salt and pepper shakers on the serving line.  Check to see that plastic-ware and napkins are restocked in the serving line.  Begin serving at 6:45 sharp.  If there is extra, provide more for those who are hungry.  If there is not enough meat for seconds, we will store your leftovers in the walk-in cooler to be used on our leftover night.   Remember- You will need to provide app. 4 gal. of drink per night.Children can help..    Missions start at home with the family and we believe that Calvary is a great mission field for the entire family.  The children can place ice in the cups, pour drinks provided, pass out the dessert.  Your children are always welcome to play on the playground but we would ask that one adult be outside at all times.  Your child can draw pictures for the clients or decorate lunch bags. Each day we use  30-40 lunch bags and they look so nice when a child has added a drawing. Children might consider making center pieces for the table.  We have 9 tables and they look so nice when the children have added art work.  These are just a few examples of ways to involve the family in missions at Calvary.