Calvary Refuge Center
Sunday, April 20, 2014

About Us


Calvary Refuge, Inc. operated as an informal service for Clayton County several years before becoming a non-profit organization in 1985.  It was originally located at Calvary Baptist Church in Forest Park, and provided overnight shelter and food for homeless people in the colder months of the year.  It continued to operate in this way using loaned space and volunteers until 1995.   When the building formerly housing the Forest Park Presbyterian Church went on the market, Executive Director Donna Taffar and others began a campaign to purchase the church.  Funds were raised throughout 1996, and the property was purchased in March of the following year.  The center has been remodeled and features a central dining area and kitchen, and 14 living units that resemble modest hotel accommodations for use of transitional families.    In May of 1998, construction started on a facility for emergency overnight occupation.  The night shelter was dedicated the following year and now operates as a year round refuge for the homeless in the South Metro area of Atlanta.Programs

Transitional Housing

The primary purpose of the transitional housing program is to 
provide temporary shelter for those families wishing to move beyond their current situation, but are without the means to do so.  Our goal is to assist them in transitioning into the working community.
Families who qualify may live in the transitional housing facility for up to a year in their own private quarters.  Each room is similar to a motel room with a private bath. Transitional residents are required to plan and prepare their own meals and will receive necessary financial counseling and job skill training to assist them in reaching their goals, and rehabilitating them into the community.




Emergency Night Shelter Program

The Emergency Night Shelter Program provides 
safe and secure lodging for those in need of immediate shelter, but are not qualified to participate in the transitional program.  This program, which can accommodate a total of 59 guests, consists of dorm-style sleeping and bathroom facilities for men, women, and children.  Food for overnight guests is usually provided by local churches and other organizations.

Employment and Client Participation
Non-Discrimination:  Calvary Refuge, Inc does not discriminate on the  basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age  or disabilities in hiring practices or the provision of services.